Stumbling blocks to avoid at Gifts World Expo

Trade shows and exhibitions play their own role in marketing. For brands, Gifts World Expo is a way to generate more partnerships, networking, identify new customers, and launch new products besides many other things.

Before being a part of Gifts World Expo or any such exhibition, for that matter, make sure you are well- equipped. Here are 5 stumbling blocks that you should take care of for a successful show.

1) Horrors of overstaffing & understaffing

A bunch of people on the stall, sitting idle and peeping inside the phones will not only cast a negative impression on visitors, but also slowdown the productivity. Similarly, the number of people employed shouldn’t be less either. Hence, one should hire a knowledgeable person who will prove it to be an asset to your brand.

2) Short & clear conversations

Many visitors will bombard you with too many queries; address them with short and crisp replies. If you keep on going with one conversation, you might miss another interesting one. Furthermore, if any talk strikes your mind, instead of taking it forward immediately, keep it lined-up for following-up. After all, you are showcasing your brand and everyone should be aware about it.

3) Mark the deadline on your calendar

It won’t be a surprise that tradeshow burns a deep hole in your pocket. So, do not miss out the important deadlines of the tradeshows. Most of the events have early bird discounts for booth space, registrations, accommodations, etc. So, mark your calendar and set a reminder for all your deadlines.

4) Be out of the league

Be it a small booth or bigger one, be it customised or traditional one; the sole aim of the exhibition is to attract traffic. Think out of the box to be in the limelight. This can be done by online campaigns, promotions, giveaways or freebies and even by launching new product(s) at the event. You must not ignore the fact that competitors are also catering to the same audience as you are. Make sure that you become a head turner for everyone.