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How being a visitor can turn you into an exhibitor the next time!

Well, as they say how things can change and develop for you in an instance. Citing an example in accord with this is with reference to a testimonial given by actor Anuj Sawhney, who now is the MD of Swiss Military. He attended the Gifts world expo last year as a visitor and was impressed by the exhibition and the efforts put in by the organisers!

This year he decided to participate in the exhibition as an exhibitor after witnessing the success of the last edition of Gifts World Expo.

Stumbling blocks to avoid at Gifts World Expo

Trade shows and exhibitions play their own role in marketing. For brands, Gifts World Expo is a way to generate more partnerships, networking, identify new customers, and launch new products besides many other things.

Before being a part of Gifts World Expo or any such exhibition, for that matter, make sure you are well- equipped. Here are 5 stumbling blocks that you should take care of for a successful show.

1) Horrors of overstaffing & understaffing