6 Unique Gifts to Give Your Boss

Giving a gift to your boss is definitely a head-churner. Given that you have to choose a gift which suits their personality and also is useful to them. Let us begin to find out more about these.


Desk Signs: These two signs are pretty cheeky; however, you can choose whichever one fits your boss' personality best. Though, they're both equally awesome.


5 Trending Eco-Friendly Gifts for Your Loved Ones

Our Planet Earth is getting plagued by umpteenth factors which are degrading it. In order, to conserve its sanctity it is our utmost duty to make contributions however small. Let us find out about the gifts which are eco-friendly as well as help turn our planet better and greener.


  • Beautiful Handmade Clay Pottery Items: Choose the earthy and beautiful handmade clay pottery items to gifts your friends & family. They are as well as encourage


5 Interesting Corporate Gifting Ideas That Will Make a Lasting Impression

Corporate Gifting is not just a formality; it’s a way to express yourself- whether it is you showing appreciation to your employees, thanking your bosses, or making your clients feel cherished. Here is a list of items which you can choose to gift as a token of appreciation.


1. Diaries and Planners

Everybody notes down their ideas in their diaries or plan their years. So, if you are looking to give something useful to your client, this should be it.


2. Pen Drives

5 Awesome Wall Décor Ideas to Decorate the Walls of Your Home

With space playing an integral role in metropolitan cities it is important to find ways to decorate your space without creating clutter. This article will highlight 5 unique Home décor ideas to decorate the walls of your House and turn it into a beautiful Home!


•    Hang Potted Wall Plants

Wall-mounted planters are a great greenery solution for the plant lover with little space. You can successfully create a sleek and space-savvy succulent garden above your bed with just a handful of them.


•     Flashy Wall Hanging

How to choose the perfect corporate gifts?

In the corporate world, it is very important to maintain a good business relation with your clients to survive in long run. And the best way to impress your business partner or the client is by gifting something unique. Also, these corporate gifts are really helpful in showing that how much you appreciate this relationship.

When it comes to choosing the perfect gift-item for your client, you end up scratching your head. It is not that difficult to select the corporate gifts, just take a look at the following tips:


3 Easy and Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas for you!

Gift wrapping is one of the most fun things to do. Gifts bring an immense pleasure to the one who receives it. However, gift wrapping plays an important role in making it more attractive and pleasing. Let us unravel 3 unique ideas which will help you wrap the gift in just the perfect way for your loved ones!

1. Confetti

Gifting as a Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Many businesses fail to realize that promotional corporate gifts can help with the branding of the company. Moreover, it can be a good complement for your marketing strategy. Promotional gifts branded with the company logo and name should be considered as a part of the investment and the marketing budget. Keep in mind that these are not just for the companies which attend trade shows, even if they it might be what they are best known for.

How being a visitor can turn you into an exhibitor the next time!

Well, as they say how things can change and develop for you in an instance. Citing an example in accord with this is with reference to a testimonial given by actor Anuj Sawhney, who now is the MD of Swiss Military. He attended the Gifts world expo last year as a visitor and was impressed by the exhibition and the efforts put in by the organisers!

This year he decided to participate in the exhibition as an exhibitor after witnessing the success of the last edition of Gifts World Expo.

Stumbling blocks to avoid at Gifts World Expo

Trade shows and exhibitions play their own role in marketing. For brands, Gifts World Expo is a way to generate more partnerships, networking, identify new customers, and launch new products besides many other things.

Before being a part of Gifts World Expo or any such exhibition, for that matter, make sure you are well- equipped. Here are 5 stumbling blocks that you should take care of for a successful show.

1) Horrors of overstaffing & understaffing