5 Trending Eco-Friendly Gifts for Your Loved Ones

Our Planet Earth is getting plagued by umpteenth factors which are degrading it. In order, to conserve its sanctity it is our utmost duty to make contributions however small. Let us find out about the gifts which are eco-friendly as well as help turn our planet better and greener.


  • Beautiful Handmade Clay Pottery Items: Choose the earthy and beautiful handmade clay pottery items to gifts your friends & family. They are as well as encourage


  • Potted Plants: People love receiving plants as a gifts, however you can take this gift idea a step further by choosing a plant they can use as a decorative or better a potted herb like basil which they can use several times a week.


  • Fabric Shopping Bags: Choose beautiful and colourful fabric bags to your loved ones. They are not only re-usable however can make life easy for everyone as they can be kept, folded and are extremely handy.


  • Bamboo Cooking Utensils: A friend who loves to cook will definitely enjoy this gift as well as find it useful. No pan scratches, fare well in the dishwasher and work wonderfully. The bamboo cooking utensil items are pleasing to the eye as well as eco-friendly.


  • Wooden Bowls: Wooden bowls are another interesting and gifts which you can your friends. Made with a single piece of wood, the bowls make an amazing .