5 Different Types of Candles which you Can Gift Your Loved Ones

Candles are a wonderful gift to express your gratitude towards your loved ones. Scroll down to unravel different types of candles available!


Scented Candles

Scented Candles are available in an eclectic range of fragrances like rose, lavender, lemongrass, sandalwood and more. These candles can relax people in no time at all. They are available at attractive prices which can be bought and gifted to your friends.


Tea Light Candles

Set of unscented wax Tealight Candles are available and on an average, these candles burn up to 2-3hrs. Most of these candles are smokeless, odourless and do not leave any soot residue and can be used with or without candle holders. Opt for these and gift your close ones.


Pillar candles

Pillar candles produce the most elegant centrepieces and displays for events and home decorating. Also, they, come in so many heights, diameters and colours that the combinations are endless. Choose one of those beautiful pillar candles and help your friends decorate their home.


Taper Candles

Gift your friends’ taper candles and help them create an elaborate display of taper candles in various heights for a dazzling and elegant impact. Choose from the largest selection of unscented handcrafted taper candles available.


Flameless Candles

Flameless candles are an electronic alternative to traditional wick candles. They are mostly used as beautiful lighting devices and are available in a diverse range of shapes, colours and sizes. As flameless candles are illuminated by a small LED bulb they are smokeless.