4 Home Décor Trends which will be a Hit in 2018

2018 is the year which is going to be a trendsetter for the coming years. Scroll down to unravel the 4 hit trends in home décor.


Metallic Accents: The inclusion of metallic touches is not new however the big difference this year is the choice of metallic finish - less Copper and Rose gold, more brass! Brass is the most sophisticated and organic of the metallic colour palette. Brass decorative pieces, mirrors and accessories all help to add a luxurious finish to a room while soft pink and emerald green both accentuate brass and gold tones perfectly.


Big Wall Art, Photos & Posters: Those stacked up photo frames and Polaroid’s on strings are passé. The huge paintings that dominate the wall in oversized prints, posters, and paintings are becoming a fad these days. Hang these in any of the rooms and enhance its looks.


Velvet Furnishings: Not long back, velvet was seen as old fashion and stuffy, now it is viewed as a luxurious yet beautiful. This multi-dimensional fabric has already started gaining a lot of attention, leading many designers to believe velvet decor will be one of 2018’s most sought-after trends.


Patterned Plants: Potted plants amplify the look of any space, moreover, when their leaves boast a pattern or multiple colours, you can also feature them as home decor. Prayer plants and red aglaonema plant are popular options chosen for home decor.